Heritage and Family History

Heritage and Family History

First Arrival in North America

Born c. 1620 in Santa Maria, Galicia, Spain, Manuel Robido married Catherine Alve and birthed André Robidou c. 1643. André traveled to France for work a number of times, where he worked as a contract sailor in Nantes and as a sailor again in La Rochelle. During his contract in La Rochelle, he was put to work aboard La Marguerite, a ship originally hailing from Dieppe, which arrived in Québec City in the summer of 1664. André became the only known Robidoux descendant to have made the voyage from Europe to North America. The entire North American Robidoux family (including the variations of the name) come from André and his wife, Jeanne Denote.

Life in New France and Marriage

After arriving in New France in 1664, André received a concession of land on Île d'Orléans where he established himself as a habitant. One year later, André signed on as a sailor aboard a small ship that worked the river trade hailing from Québec. He then received a concession of land in what is now Lévis, Québec on 15 June 1665. He later gave up his concessions of land from Lévis and Île-d'Orléans. He met his wife, Jeanne Denote, in Québec City, where they married on June 7, 1667. Jeanne was one of the approximately 800 young French women, known as the filles du roi, who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program sponsored by King Louis XIV. André and Jeanne had five children, the first generation of the Robidoux family born in North America: Marie Romaine, Marguerite, Marie Jeanne, Guillaume, and Joseph.

Family Tree

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